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Beyond Chains

Michael Nnaji is young, affable and extremely brilliant, but still struggling. He dedicates the entirety of his life to ecclesiastical service, and the anointing upon his life is a major source of blessing to many that come across to him.

However, anointing without money is an annoyance, so his superior in the church, Pastor Kunle Martins orchestrates a multi-million dollar deal that requires his information and communication technology expertise, which will certainly, make him rich stupendously.

He rejects the juicy offer bluntly, and upholds the tenet of his faith while Pastor Martins goes raving mad at him, and presents him with a choice: either to accept the crooked, rich proposition or spend his whole life, languishing in gaol.

Michael prays ardently for divine intervention to be let off the hook but quite unfortunate, the charge against him is very grievous, and he needs a rapid and effective legal service which he can’t really afford to be freed from a damnable incarceration. The young pastor hopes for a miracle to get that, and one just wonders the possibility of it.

An absolute expose` of the ills venerated personalities perpetrate in the contemporary African society.



Beyond Chains

Beyond Chains